In Boca Raton and South Florida, we need to stay cool in our homes while keeping our electric bills low. That’s why having a proper working ceiling fan in each room of your home is so important. Caner Electrical offers premium ceiling fan installation at affordable rates.

Ceiling fans work by circulating the hot air that rises and mixing it with the cooler air and giving you a downdraft, which is what you feel and helps keep you cool. This draft is what makes you feel cooler even though the room temperature hasn’t changed.

In the winter months, ceiling fans help warm your house when you run them in the opposite direction. The cold air gets sucked up and mixes with the higher warm air, thus warming the room.

All this results in lower electricity bills since you won’t need to run your air conditioner as strong.

We work with all ceiling fan types and will install them in any room of your home, condo townhouse. We will consult with you on assembly, placement, settings, balancing, and more — all so we can help maximize your comfort and electricity cost savings.


ceiling fan at a home in boca raton, fl

Don’t wait for the hot summer months to install or replace your ceiling fan. Contact Caner Electrical for ceiling fan installation and all your electric needs!