With a Generac backup generator, you’ll never lose power again

In today’s world, having an electrical generator in your home or office is so important. The systems in our home and office need to stay online so we can stay comfortable, safe, and productive. This is especially true in South Florida, where we face summer hurricanes, stifling heat, and oppressive humidity. We need our electricity and having downtime is not acceptable. Summer in South Florida is when you need an electrical generator the most.

Caner Electrical, located in Boca Raton, services and repairs all types of commercial and home generators. We install Generac generators but will service any brand. While we are located in Boca Raton, we travel to all of Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

With our services, your generator will work at peak performance when you need it most in an emergency. We offer maintenance, refueling, load bank testing, and installation.

Our Process for installing a Generac generator at your home or office

Let’s walk through the process of having Caner Electrical install a generator in your home. First, you’ll reach out to us and express interest in having a generator installed. After we discuss a few options and make sure we can deliver the electrical services you’re looking for, we’ll schedule a time to visit your home. We may even be able to give you an instant quote!

In-Person Quote

After arriving at your home, we’ll do a brief inspection. We’re looking to get a sense of:

  • How big your home is and the square footage under AC.
  • Whether you have a natural gas connection at your home.
  • How big your yard is so when we install the generator, we know the clearance for some of our equipment. Also, if you don’t have a natural gas hookup, we’ll need to install a propane tank underground.
  • Your general power usage habits so we can give you the right equipment for the job
  • How new your electrical service panel (aka circuit breaker) is. If you don’t have a new service panel, you may be at risk for fire (especially if there’s a power surge)

Once we collect all the details, we can crunch the numbers and give you a more accurate quote. We’ll do this on-site for you. If you agree, we’ll sign the papers and schedule your generator installation. As mentioned before, we install Generac generators since we find them to be the best and most reliable generator on the market.

Pull Permits

Before we can do any work, we’ll contact your municipality to pull permits. This part is important. Caner Electrical and all our sister companies (Air Conditioners, Impact Windows, Restoration) abide by local rules and regulations. We don’t cut corners and make sure the work is done right the first time.

Construction and Installation

After the permits are pulled, we’ll begin construction right away. First, we’ll remove any obstructions that prevent us from installing the propane tank (if needed) or connecting to your natural gas line. We bury the propane tank underground (for safety), typically in your backyard or on the side of your house. Once buried, we’ll cover up the hole and run the fuel lines.

Then, we’ll install a small slab of concrete on which the generator will sit. After a few days of letting the concrete cure, we’ll come back to install the residential or commercial generator, connect the gas lines, add a switch to your service panel, and test the system.

The Generac generator will automatically switch on if there’s a power outage. It happens within a second and you’ll hardly notice it’s on. And that’s it! You’ll have a professionally installed generator at your home and be kept cool and comfortable if the power goes out.

generac generator installed on the side of a house in boca raton fl

If you need a generator installed at your home or office, contact Caner Electrical for a free in-person quote!