Don’t have just anyone to do an electrical installation or a repair. If the “electrician” you hired is not qualified, you could find yourself with an electrical code violation. 

While you may think an electrical wiring upgrade is easy enough to do yourself, you could certainly create a fire risk if the work is not up to code. 

At Caner Electrical, our highly-skilled electricians can inspect your system to assure all of its components are functioning properly and are up to the latest code standards. We make it easy and affordable for you, and we guarantee our work will be up to the latest code standards. Our team knows the electrical code in Boca Raton and South Florida and will make sure your home is safe.


Electrical circuits with code violations

We’re able to check, diagnose, and repair electrical code violations with receptacles, whole-home generators, switches, breaker/service panels, lighting, surge protectors, landscape lighting, and more. 

Caner Electrical’s team of electricians can quickly resolve any problem and will even provide an electrical safety analysis to ensure every electrical feature in your home is working properly. 

By ensuring your home electrical system is up to code, you will save money on electricity bills and keep your family safe.

Contact Caner Electrical for a free inspection for electrical code violations and a quote!