Are your lights flickering or dimming in your home when you turn on the microwave or iron? 

Do you have outlets that intermittently stop working? Does your electrical panel circuit breaker keep getting tripped? 

Have you observed sparks or glanced occasional smoke appearing from an outlet or appliance in your home? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then let the electrical troubleshooting experts at Caner Electrical work to fix all your electrical problems. 


Troubleshooting and repair on an electrical line in boca raton

At Caner Electrical Services we have over 20 years of experience with troubleshooting electrical issues in both residential and commercial buildings. 

Our friendly, trained electricians will safely troubleshoot and fix all of your electrical problems. Electrical problems can arise at any time and for many reasons: remodel work, poor installation, or even just time and evolving electric code, list a few. 

If you’re having difficulty troubleshooting your electrical problems, contact Caner Electrical to find and repair the problem, and we can often be there the same day you call. 

Even if you have the most trivial question in your mind as to whether or not a part of the electrical wiring in your home or business is safe, please contact us or any other electrical professional. Our main concern is your safety. We can also work around your schedule so that our services are available when it’s convenient for you. Electrical troubleshooting is just one of the many residential and commercial electrical services we offer. Contact us for a free quote!