If the electrical wires in your home are damaged, you could be at serious risk for an electrical fire. This is one of the leading causes of fires in homes and is so important to get repaired.

Rather than looking up how to do it yourself, we highly recommend contacting a licensed and qualified electrician. Do not repair damaged wiring on your own.

We will uncover all of the work that is needed and will provide you with a detailed estimate. Not only will we tell you what’s wrong but also why it needs to be fixed. Our team is experienced and knows how to handle damaged wiring.


damaged wiring sticking out of a wall in Boca Raton

From lamp wiring, electrical oven connections, and LED TV backlight improvement, through to comprehensive generator wiring repair and home rewiring, we’ve got you all covered. An issue with wires may not only damage your appliances and devices but also make your electrical system inadequate. As a result, you could see higher electricity bills.

Sometimes, it can lead to fires and other mishaps. It’s therefore highly recommended to get repairs done as soon as you observe a problem. We strongly discourage DIY solutions and recommend you hire an expert who is trained to fix damaged electrical wires.

If you need to fix damaged electrical wires, contact us and our professionals will be at your door in no time to assist. We offer 24-hour service and free quotes.