Without a service panel upgrade, homeowners can encounter several issues: 

  • Flickering lights
  • unusual sounds from a fuse box
  • tripping breakers
  • smoke rising from vents
  • outlets with burning odors

These are all cautionary signs of an obsolete electrical service panel. Even though you might not realize it now, electrical service panels often get ignored, since they are not in ordinary sight for most homeowners.


However, it is always necessary to check your service panel because it is just as significant, if not more significant, than all your other electrical appliances. It’s the foundation on which all other electrical appliances in your hours work.

Service panels wear out, so if you’re seeing these signs or noticing other problems, you need to act now. We can inspect your home or business’s wiring and make sure everything is in good functioning order and does not pose a threat to yourself, your family or your business.

A delayed inspection and/or replacement can be extremely dangerous and may result in power outages, lost productivity or even fire. Remember, an electrical inspection should always be performed by a qualified and competent electrician. If you ever have any questions regarding when you should have an electrical inspection performed on your property, don’t hesitate to call us. 

Don’t overlook your service panel and contact Caner Electrical for your service panel inspection and replacement!.