Do you have enough power outlets?  We know how frustrating it can be when there’s not enough. Not to mention that burnt out or broken outlets, receptacles, switches, and wiring can be hazardous. 

Are you planning to repair the electrical system in your home? Want to repair or replace your electrical outlets? 

If you are having difficulties with your electrical outlets, you might need to call an electrician for a safe and effective solution. 

At Caner Electrical, we have a highly-skilled team ready to assist with all of your outlet installation and repair needs. We can troubleshoot, repair, and install electrical power outlets where you need them most.

Why do your electrical outlets wear out? 

Electrical outlets need to be repaired due to repeated switching on and off and plugging in/unplugging. Electrical plugs and switches affect the most wear and tear on electrical systems. In fact, each time equipment gets plugged in or unplugged, electrical connections in homes get increasingly weaker. This is troublesome because weak electrical connections are not only a problem when a device stops working, but they are also a fire hazard. 


old, dirty and out of code electrical switch

To fix this, our electricians receive constant training on the latest industry trends, technology, and code standards, making them some of the most experienced electricians in the state. 

We offer safe and extensive outlet restoration and replacement services. Contact Caner Electrical for a free inspection and quote!