“Old Florida” homes are cherished and offer so much charm to our community, but these older homes have a hidden danger that needs to be fixed. What’s the clue?

Frequently blown fuses or tripped breakers

With all of the modern technology and electronic devices we use, there is a tremendous amount of stress on a home’s electrical system, which can be extremely burdensome for older systems. 

We can renovate and repair your obsolete fuses and breakers with new, up-to-code, and safe equipment that will deliver peace of mind — and the right amount of power — for years to come. 

It’s important that you leave it to the specialists at Caner Electrical to work on your fuses and circuit breakers. We understand the electrical code and can bring your home up to the latest code standards. Failure to do so can leave you with expensive bills when selling your house or in danger of fire.

These days, homes are wired to handle an increased amount of power usage from all our devices. Circuit panels have 32 to 40 branches now, rather than 10 or so previously. This results in an electrical infrastructure that can accommodate your increased power usage.

old circuit breakers in a garage in boca raton

Old, overfilled fuse panels are a major issue. Replacing your fuse panel with a new and upgraded service panel can keep you safe. Contact Caner Electrical for a free inspection and quote!