At Caner Electrical, we use indoor and outdoor lighting design and installation to achieve a practical and aesthetic effect. Our lighting design and installation services comprise both artificial light, like lamps and light accessories, as well as lights to refine the look of an area. Whether you have an older house and need to modernize it, designing a new home, or renovating your current home we can help!

Lighting is a vital component of any home and sets the tone for your home. We can create a lighting design and installation plan that balances aesthetics with functionality — all within your budget. 

Our wide range of lighting methods can illuminate any space: indoor, outdoor, kitchen, bathroom, foyers, basements, closets, living areas, home theatres and more! When you hire an expert like Caner Electrical can feel confident knowing that your lighting system will be designed and installed right the first time. 

We can help you choose the right lights and their placement so it meets your needs. Our installation services for lighting are designed to be affordable while delivering you the most value for your dollar. 

You can have peace of mind in knowing we can work with all sorts of lighting fixtures, ranging from small kitchen lights to large chandeliers. We also offer lightbulb replacement and cleaning services for lighting. Contact Us anytime and get your work done hassle-free.