Home rewiring is one of the bigger electrical jobs you can have done on your house and you need to have complete trust in your electrician that they’re going to get the job done right the first time. Your safety depends on it.

Old or out-of-code wiring in your home can lead to higher electricity bills and put you or your family at risk for an electrical fire. The wiring in your house is the foundation on which all appliances and equipment in your home operate. Without proper wiring, you’ll be at a greater risk for fire and your house will be a danger to your family. You’ll likely have flickering lights, appliances won’t work as they should and your home value will be impacted.

Here’s our process for rewiring homes:

  • First, we inspect your home to see what we’re working with. We pull permits, get the schematics of your home, and get a feel for what we’re working with
  • Next, we build out a plan of action, making sure we “ask twice and drill once.” We run it all past you prior to starting and get your approval.
  • Upon approval, we begin demolition and open up the walls. Our team is careful not to damage any existing infrastructure. We understand that this is your home, not a construction site, and will make sure our home rewiring team is careful and precise.
  • Next, we aim to keep the old charm of your house while “future-proofing” the house to make sure it can handle the rigors of future electrical demands. The rise of the digital age and the “Internet of Things” requires more power. Your home needs to be properly wired to handle the demands.
  • Once complete, we test our wiring to make sure it’s working well.

In addition to home rewiring, we can also install Tesla charging stations in your home. These charging stations run off 480-V DC and are powerful, so they should be done by a professional.


rewiring a home in boca raton, fl

How do you know if you need to have your house rewired? Here are a few signs:

  • Your electric bill is going up
  • Lights flicker when you turn on an appliance
  • Your house is over 30 years old
  • Your circuit breaker is constantly tripped
  • Devices take longer to charge
  • No electrical appliances or lights in your house are working
  • Your electrical panel looks like it came from Nikola Tesla’s workshop

Caner Electrical offers quick and reliable services that will get your electrical problems corrected. Call us at 561-246-5870 and let us bring your electric system back up to code.

Optimize your home’s electrical system and keep your family and property safe with home rewiring and an electrical panel upgrade.