generac generator installed in boca raton

Caner Electrical is located in Boca Raton, FL and installs, repairs, and maintains Generac whole-home electrical generators. An electrical generator instantly restores power to your home the moment it detects an outage. Generac generators are powered by liquid propane or natural gas and is located outside your home. The fuel tanks are buried underground where they are unseen, and the generator unit is about as big as an air conditioner unit.

Why do you need an electrical generator for your home? First and foremost, if your power goes out during a hurricane, your generator will kick in instantly, powering your air conditioner, refrigerator, TV and all other electrical appliances in your home. Your food will stay fresh, you and your family will stay comfortable, and if you have any health issues requiring special equipment, you’ll have a consistent environment.

Next, you’ll also increase the value of your home. Whole-home generators are extremely sought-after, can add thousands in value, and will result in less time on the market. This leads to more money in your pocket.

Finally, your neighbors will be jealous of you! They’ll be jealous that you’re relaxing at home with cool air while they’re sweating and waiting for power to be restored.

Add in impact windows from Caner Impact Windows, and a new air conditioner from Caner Air, and you’ll be completely protected from the elements all year long.

And, starting at just $90/month, the price is reasonable even on a tight budget.

If you’re located in Palm Beach or Broward Counties, give us a call for a free estimate on installing your new electrical generator. With hurricane season always here or right around the corner, you’ll be glad you did.